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We're not just in the mortgage business; we're in the

people business.

We want to create a relationship beyond the purchase.

"We are still in the process of buying a home, but I couldn’t wait to write a glowing review of the wonderful staff!

The level of professionalism, efficiency, and customer service is both shocking and refreshing in this day and age. From the first contact, Dianne, Scott, and Jennifer have been tremendously helpful and kind. They have walked us through each and every step with patience, expertise, and a great sense of humor.

I felt awful when we had a sale fall through and had to cancel our contract, but they didn’t miss a beat taking care of it for us. Even when our toddler was running around the office and causing trouble, they accommodated us without a second guess.

They also recommended an outstanding insurance broker who saved us literally THOUSANDS a year on bundled insurance.

I wish every loan process were this easy! If you’re unsure who to choose, 1000% choose The Brian Smith Group!!!!!!!!"


Jones Family Pic - USE.PNG

"We just received the keys to our new home! I can’t begin to thank you enough for all the hard work you and your team put into this for us. Everyone was wonderful but I wanted to give you a special thank you because you’ve seen us through most of this process and never gave up on us and were so patient with me throughout the entire process... We are so excited to move into our new home and we have you to thank for it! "


".. It has been a pleasure working with such great people!! My loan [was done] so super fast!! Talk about getting the work done. WOW!! It certainly has been a great experience. I would highly recommend you to everyone!! Thank you again its been great."


"The first time home buying experience can seem like a very daunting thing, but I can't say how happy I am I worked with the Union Home Mortgage Brian Smith Group to help me through the process.  Through every step of the way I worked with highly qualified professionals who wanted to help me get into my home.  Any questions that came up they were ready to answer and get me the tools I needed to fully understand the home buying process from beginning to end. I can't say enough how helpful everyone on the team has been and how great they have been to work with. I truly appreciate how Union Home Mortgage took a very complicated process and made it manageable and easy to understand."

                                                                                   -Jeremy & Pam

Williams Closing Pic.PNG

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND USING THE BRIAN SMITH GROUP if you’re looking at purchasing a house! 
I cannot say enough great things about this company!! 
We started our home buying process with another bank out of Fremont and it was a nightmare. We almost ended up losing the house of our dreams, because they drug their feet and we had less than 24 hours left in our contract to get financing secured. Our realtor made the recommendation to give The Brian Smith Group a call and it was the best decision we could have made
I called them around 2:00pm the day before our contract was going to expire, explained our situation and how pressed for time we were — this AMAZING group of people jumped right in and worked diligently with us....we had our financing secured by 10:00 next morning!!! 
Our closing costs were nearly $2500 LESS then what our original estimate from the other bank was. They made recommendations that made our monthly obligations dramatically less than if we had gone through with the other bank. They called with weekly updates, and what to expect next. 
They were FANTASTIC!! They made our home buying experience quick, nearly effortless on our part and just down right pleasant. They took what was turning into a nightmare for us, and completely turned it around. They took our dream and made it a reality and we are so incredibly thankful. Very impressed with every single person we spoke to and worked with.


"The Brian Smith Group's communication, restored my trust in banking institutions. [They] took time to talk with me, explain the process, and reduce my anxiety."

                                                                                   -Andrew & Cassandra

G. Whitehurst.jpg

"I can't thank you enough for all your help in the recent purchase of my new home.  I can't believe that in 8 weeks we went from talking about putting my home on the market and signing the contract on my new home!  You were all so friendly, informative and patient in talking me through the whole process.  I was very impressed with the overall service and the fact that you weren't just concerned with making a sale, but you wanted to make sure that I had a financial plan beyond the purchase of my new home.  I have given your contact information to my son and his wife who live in Bowling Green.  I believe they will be contacting you soon!"


"Working with the Union Home Mortgage Team has been once again the best experience!! There is a reason why we came back to the same people 3 times in a row, they are the best!! Such a easy process that takes the stress out of buying your dream home!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making our dreams come true!! You guys are the best!!"

                                                                  -Adrianne & Eric (Repeat customers!)


"We could not have been happier!.. Such amazing help through the whole process!!... Your team took the time to explain all of the "why's" in the loan process."

                                                                                   -Thomas & Heather

-Clark & Tiffany's first-time buying experience!

"Working with the Brian Smith Group was easier than 1, 2, 3... We were told what we needed to provide, and that was it. The team worked tirelessly and relentlessly to get our house for us. Truly an amazing team to work with."

                                -Adam Redmon (1st time buyer & now a team member!)

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