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Client Testimonials:

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Insert Lauren & Kyle's testimonial!! 

We chose The Brian Smith Group of Union Home Mortgage for their quality and service! Ever since we have worked with them, they have been wonderful! They explain every step in great detail to make sure you are fully aware of the process. They are also very friendly and kind! I was surprised how easy and smoothly they made everything go. They made sure we were always quickly informed about every detail. It’s been such a pleasure working with them while we refinanced our home. I honestly could not think of anything they could improve on. Their service is one of a kind, and one of the reasons we will continue doing business with them. - Sam D.

Thank You So MUCH! 

The team (Diane, Jennifer, Scott) made the process so easy! When it comes to buying a home and the whole process, it is a completely different language to me. It is actually a little scary. The team was there the entire time. They were always readily available to answer any questions that I had, and they always made sure to explain it in terms I understood. They were absolutely wonderful and I would recommend them to anyone!

Overall this company is a 10 out of 10! It’s rare to find a company that has this type of customer service and genuine people. I feel they truly care about each of their customers and will guide them in the best possible direction.

S. Delauter 

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