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Monday, May 6th

Structure lays the foundation for growth.

Coaching teaches structure.

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Need help with the structure of your business?  E-mail me and I'll make time for you and Brian. 

If you missed the NAR settlement webinar, click here! 

The Perfect Client Experience Starts with
The White Glove Handoff

How do you get your client off to the best start with their home financing? Try the white glove handoff with our team, and give them red carpet treatment! 

White Glove Handoff.png

*You can also send them this link, that way they can start an online application if they would rather, or to get things going even quicker!

Sales Strategies From The Brian Smith Group 

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How should you use the Brian Smith Group??

* 3-Way Text with: You, Your Customer + Our New Customer Hotline


Need to Start an Application ASAP?

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Have a Client You’d Like Us to Reach Out to?

Send Them Here!

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Why should you use the Brian Smith Group??

Speed. Accuracy. Active Communication.


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