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1) We'll help you study ways on how to handle your money:

     -Save $1,000 for emergencies

     -Track your money coming in & going out

     -Give something!

2) The next step is to start increasing the emergency savings 

     to one months income, establish affordable housing and

     pay-off credit cards.

3) Once that's done we'll look to increase our emergency 

     savings now to 3 months of income, pay off all consumer

     debts (ex: auto, student loans, etc) and increasing our giving.

4) The next step is to start to now save for:

    -Replacement purchases (ex: home, auto, etc)

    -Future financial freedom (retirement)

    -Children's education/personal business (if applicable)





5) With the above steps completed, let's now look to

    purchasing our dream home, but now with the flexibility

    of being able to prepay on the mortgage. On top of 

    continuing to increase our giving, now's a great time to 

    work on choosing wise investments that will continue to 

    increase our wealth.

6) With the mortgage now paid off, what's left is to ensure

     that the children's education has been funded and to 

     continue increasing our giving. 

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